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Jimmy Stadt ( Shy Tooth / Polar Bear Club ) - Finding Balance!

March 02, 2021 Misael Trujillo / Jimmy Stadt Season 1 Episode 41
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Jimmy Stadt ( Shy Tooth / Polar Bear Club ) - Finding Balance!
Show Notes

On this episode I chat to Jimmy Stadt from Polar Bear Club & now a new band called Shy Tooth. This conversation means a whole lot to me, PBC were a band that inspired and captivated me like few others and I was incredibly gutted when they chose to call it a day. If you'd have told me 10 years ago I'd be chatting to Jimmy about films, music and marketing ... I'd have probably pooped my pants and been too anxious to even consider to idea.

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Shy Tooth have a new record coming out called 'Ultrasuede' and I couldn't be more excited!!! The single they've already released from it; 'Too Kind', is an absolute banger; as is the EP 'wavelengths' they released last year. Composed of members of Polar Bear Club, Marathon, Coming Down, Like Wolves and Green Dreams, you know you have to be excited. On the show Jimmy describes it like a super amped up Elvis Costello and I'm not going to argue with that, all I know is, it's bloody gorgeous and I wan't more.

We also talk a bunch about films and the film club noYOUgo which Jimmy set up. I've joined but haven't had the pleasure to get involved yet (podcast duties and stuff). Links underneath if you're into the idea as much as I am!!

It was an absolute pleasure getting to chat to Jimmy and I'm incredibly grateful for the opportunity. I'm also incredibly excited to see what's in store for Shy Tooth!! Let me know what you think of the chat and hit the links below!!!

Shy Tooth - 'Ultrasuede' preorders:

New Shy Tooth  single - Too Kind:

noYOUgo Online Movie Club -

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If you haven't checked out Polar Bear Club ... what are you waiting for?

Enjoy this episode, check out the Stouries podcast Jimmy was on recently, the whole show is rad:

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