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Angela Laws ( TrustedHousesitters ) : Is Pet Sitting For You?

December 17, 2019 Misael Trujillo / Angela Laws Season 1 Episode 31
Promote The Hell Out Of It!
Angela Laws ( TrustedHousesitters ) : Is Pet Sitting For You?
Show Notes

Wonderful start to Season 4 sharing this great conversation I had with Angel Laws; Award Winning Community Manager for TrustedHousesitters.

For the past year, my partner and I have been travelling the UK; virtually rent free, whilst looking after the most adorable pets. We do this using TrustedHousesitters and have been having an absolute blast, so it obviously seemed like a perfect chance to catch up with them on the podcast.

I chat to Angela about the brands expansion and ethos, how she got started with them, why pet sitting is so wonderful and what people can expect from the service.

I really hope you enjoy the conversation and hopefully some of you can find a new and exiting way to travel whilst helping lovely pets around the world! If you have any questions what so ever, feel free to send me an email, comment or DM.

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